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Monday, October 04, 2004
  What has happened to America?
Our country was, until a 100 to 150 years ago, based on Biblical Christianity. We still have that foundation but there has been on philosophy creeping in year after year that has been spreading like a cancer across our Nation. This has been happening to Western Civilization but because of our deep foundation in the Bible I believe that it has been slower to happen to us in the USA.
This philosophy is Socialism. Socialism has been taking over in little areas, like questioning the creation of God with Darwinism or questioning the charity of the Church by pushing Government little by little on the citizens. Americans have been allowing the Socialist to implement their agenda. When God was removed from school about 50 years ago they won. They knew that they would just have to wait a generation or two and they would have removed God from the hearts and minds of most Americans. The Church has been weakened because we have not stood up for our Savior. The church has been made a separate part of people’s lives. The church had been center of a community and God had been the central part of life. People understood that God was important to all areas of life. Christians have allowed Socialism change people hearts to see a Sacred and a Secular. That is WRONG. All areas of life are God’s there is not a God part and a part without God. The Socialists have pushed God out of the mainstream.
Christians need to take back our schools! That is where the Church will win. The socialist have been winning because they took the schools 50 years ago. Many see abortion as the greatest issue. I think it is a horrible tragedy for our country but the Schools need to be first! The next generation needs to be won back to God and that will not only happen in the church but when God is allowed back into schools. That will be a tough feat though, there are many in the NEA, Department of Education, and the Courts who are Socialist in mindset.
The Church has become apathetic. Francis Schaffer put it as we have become most interested in Personal Peace and Affluence. The church is interested in only people’s hearts but has allowed society as a whole be contaminated by sin though the ideas of socialism. I blogged the 1963 agenda of the Communist and to look through that list shows me that the Marxist/Leninist have succeeded in most of their agenda even though their host country of Russia has “fallen”. The Marxist/Leninists have won even in their loss of apparent control of Russia and the Eastern Europe. The Marxist/Leninist have in Socialism have taken over their enemies, Western Europe and even the Democrat Party in America.
Our country is under attack from outside by Islamic Terrorist and from within by Socialism! We need to stand firm on our foundation of the Constitution as it was written not as the “Living Document” the Socialist like to interpret it.
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