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Thursday, October 21, 2004
  The War on Terror and the Coming War with Islam
The Islamic invasion today is the greatest threat to Western Civilization since the Muslims were driven out in the 15th and 16th Centuries. They were driven out of Spain after capturing the Iberian Peninsula and moving in to France in the 8th Century. They were driven back out of France in the Battle of Tours but Charles Martel. They were stopped at the Gates of Vienna in 1563.

If in 1492 Spain had not driven the Muslims out or in 1563 defeating the Muslim hordes at the gates of Vienna had not happened we would be a Muslim world today. Yes the West has almost imploded upon itself several times with the 100 years war, WWI, WWII and other times but from outside the Christian West there has not been such peril here is today.

After lying silent and waiting Islam has slowly crept up on the West in the past 60 years. The West has forgotten its Christian Heritage and has embraced Socialism and forgotten how important faith and religion is to people. The West is so far removed from our Christian heritage that we forget that Islam is so antithetical to Christianity. Mohammed turned Christianity and Judaism on its head and turned religions of love in to religion of hate and perversion.

There are those Muslims who are peaceful and live in the modern world but studies say at least ten percent of Muslims are radical and believe that Shari`ah law should be forcefully imposed on the world. One third of the countries in the UN are Muslim nations that have banded together to impose their way upon the whole Body or blocking actions by the body. There are 1 billion Muslims in the world today, if ten percent of them are radical that is 100 million. I also think that fifty to seventy-five percent more are sympathetic to Radical Islam. So between one in five and one in ten people in the world want to bring Shari`ah law on the rest of the world and that should frighten the rest of the world. We need to understand that Shari`ah law will radical change all freedom we have and will force us to live under Islamic law and convert to Islam or face death.

What can we do? We need to realize that we are under attack daily, not only from the Socialist in our own country but from Islamist around the world. We then need to be vocal for traditional Christian values. We need to retake the education system from the socialist. There are a lot of good Christian teachers but with the Union and all Major state and private universities controlled by liberals we need to retake our schools. The minds of our children need us to recapture their teacher and education system.
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