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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
  The Perversion of Rights in America
CNN Radio News had Dr. Sanja Gupta talking about how health care is a right of Americans. What a deception of Socialist it is that so many things are “rights”.
What kind of things? Protests, Speech (even when it is vulgar, exploitive or offensive), privacy, education, welfare, social security, FEMA, cheap drugs, internet, television, fairness, success and now health care. We live in a Nation that has come to expect the Government to take care of us from birth to death. We have come to expect the government to be there anytime anything happens to anyone. They have become our ultimate safety net. We have the right to have success in everything and when we have any failure or struggle whatsoever it is the government’s job to help us or lift us up.
That is Socialism. The government controls life from birth to death and takes care of the citizens. We have slipped into Socialism slowly and quietly. Wake up and fight it!

Amazing isn't it that so many things are now "rights" even though they are NEVER named in any document, isn't it? According to many, I have the RIGHT to do as I please, yet they have the right to complain and have me "punished" for "offending" them, and I can not say a word about that, because it is "their right". What about MY RIGHT according to that view. It seems that more and more we see that we only have those "rights" if we agree with the "mainstream" (or LIBERAL) views.

We actually have very few "rights" - Life, Liberty, the PURSUIT of happiness (given by God)

Keep and Bear arms
PEACEFUL assembly

THAT'S ALL (that I can think of for now). Health-care, a good job, a car, a house, TV, Web, Radio, and all that "other stuff" is not a RIGHT, it is a priviledge.

Thanks again Fritz for putting it so well.

We have extended rights, which are what we pay the government for. Some of these are security, legal protection etc.
When the goverment fails to act on our behalf we have the right to complain.
We have extended rights, which are what we pay the government for. Some of these are security, legal protection etc.
When the goverment fails to provide the services we pay them for we have the right to complain.
Great blog I hope we can work to build a better health care system. Health insurance is a major aspect to many.
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