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Monday, October 11, 2004
  Columbus Day in perspective
Today is Columbus Day. I think this holiday has become an unrecognized holiday because Columbus is not PC. Columbus came to North America and brought about a capturing of the Native population. That is not PC and he has been denigrated in the past 30 years. Columbus personally did not come for gold or riches he came for two reasons. Others may have had that motive but Columbus primary purpose was spreading Christianity. (Was it in the back of his mind, probably but he had other motives for going west, so did the Ferdidnad and Isabella) First he wanted to bring the gospel to new people and second to find a “Second front” to fight the Muslim invasion of the west.
Columbus was a Christian and that is not looked highly upon in the main stream today. Columbus wanted to share the Gospel of Jesus to new people. He looked to the East, including Japan, the East Indies and India which were not Christian. He knew what the East was like and wanted to share Jesus with them.
In 1492 Spain finally defeated the last Muslims and had freed the Iberian Peninsula. But the eastern part of Europe was still under Muslim control. Vienna was attacked by Muslims in 1653 so there was still a war between Muslims and Christian going on. Columbus was looking for a second front to attack the Muslims from the East so they would have to divide their resources. The trip around Africa was too long and treacherous to be a good way to go. Traveling west for a couple of weeks or months and arrive on the Eastern end of Muslim lands to open a second front would be much better.
So why do I a say this. Columbus was not PC because he was a Christian and was looking to share Jesus. But the unknown reason for his travels was in a religious war with Muslims and he was looking for a second front to attack from.
We are in a religious war today and our president is similar to Columbus because he opened a second front in the war by attack in the Middle East in Afghanistan and Iraq. We need to thank our president for defending us in this Religious war against the Muslims Fanatics and terrorist.
Now that I didn't know. I have only been told that he was looking for another trade route. Thank you!
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