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Friday, October 08, 2004
  And Jesus said, " go your way. From now on sin”
Can you believe that Jesus said that? Well He did in John chapter 8. He told a woman to go and sin. I thought Jesus wanted righteousness and holiness not sin but He said it, so it must be true! Everything else I have heard about Jesus said that he did not want people to sin. It clearly says it right there in my Bible that Jesus told her to” go your way. From now on sin.”

I think you know that those words were not all he said to her. The real context of the passage is: “And she said, ‘No one, Lord.’ And Jesus said, ‘Neither do I condemn you; go your way. From now on sin no more.’” John 8:11(NASB). So he really did not tell her to sin he told her to sin no more. But out of Context it looks like Jesus is contradicting himself. It is all about context.

I was listening to my local radio stations news and it unfortunately is CNN. But in the same news segment I heard them take two reports out of context and make them major news. First the report on the VP debate they had Cheney blasting Edwards about him forgetting the Iraqi soldiers killed, but they did not say it was about the Iraqis or even use them in the clip they just had him saying that Edwards denigrated their loss and did not care. It sounded like he was saying that Edwards did not care any Americans had died but he was talking about the Iraqis not the Americans. Plus, in the same reporting they had this quote “Vioxx may not be the only arthritis drug to cause heart problems.”
Nothing else was said before or after it so where is the context for this statement?

I was reading and found the headline OP-ED by Paul Bremer and he had to defend his statements because they were taken out of context. The MSM may not lie but when you take things out of context you are lying all the same because the real truth is left on the editor’s desk and not reported to the public.

Even on a larger scale the Iraq war is being taken out of context. In the war on Terrorism the Iraq war makes sense but when you take it out of context it doesn’t. Out of Context the Iraq war looks like America being a bully but in the right context of the post 9/11 world it makes perfect sense.

CONTEXT is important. In the same way, you can not take your religious life out of context it has to be part or all your life and not just your Sunday morning ritual. It must be part of all your life!

I agree with you on this one. It seems as though we take for granted the situation or the meaning behind something that was either said or happened. By "we", I mean liberal media. Unfortunately most Americans take whatever they hear or see as not only the truth, but the entire truth. Fast food news!!
2. What Changes

Boarders xxxxxxxxxxxxx BORDERS!!
Unless you are talking about rooming house patrons!
YOU have an education and I DON'T!!
2. What Changes

Boarders xxxxxxxxxxxxx BORDERS!!
Unless you are talking about rooming house patrons!
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