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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
  Relativism is the real problem
I have heard it said that the Liberal political elite and the Liberal media establishment are above scrutiny because of who they are. I disagree. They do not see themselves as being above scrutiny; they just see everything as relative and do not understand why mainstream America does not see it the same way. Their way is a means to an end. The end is a socialist America with the government in control of everything from birth to death, like in France, Germany and most of the rest of “old Europe”. The Liberals in America believe that is ok to do whatever it takes because their end is right and noble; so how to get to the goal does not matter.

It comes down to their view of truth. Most of America has a view of right and wrong, truth and lie, but the Liberals believe that truth is relative. You hear it many ways: Right and wrong is different for different people; there are many ways to God. These are a few ways that Liberals portray what is right and wrong. It is up to the individual if something is right or wrong, and there are no absolutes.

When someone comes along with real convictions, they cannot believe it and know that it is detrimental to their way of life and goals. Liberals try to smear anyone who has these beliefs as dumb or backward. When people do not have any absolutes in their live they live on the shifting sand of relativism, and that only gets you into trouble every time.
Good Article.

I'm starting to believe that rationalization for one's actions is the Original Sin.

I have a BS (Yes..they call it that for a reason) in Cultural Anthropology - I should spell that right, it's really "Cultural Apology" since that's all you're taught to do.

The theory of Cultural Relativism is the Sorriest Excuse for people doing whatever they want, then saying, "Well, they do that in...*pick whatever country that applies*". The ultimate excuse is the 'any means to an end' philososphy that's been undertowing this country for the last 30 years.

I've only met a handful of anthropologists that had a moral backbone, and they were ostracized by their more flimsy souled peers,

Most if these profs would shrug at their indescretions and say, "It's all Relative..." and then rattle off some idiotic factiod that it would be allowed in Borneo.

Then maybe they should move to those exotic locals where their picadillios are allowed and Leave the Rest of us Alone.
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